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OnAxis Music serves professional and indie artists as well as record labels, technicians and creative companies. We provide promotional, booking, media and technical support services.

It's Easier to Promote Music When You've Got  Great:
  • Writing
  • Bios
  • Album Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Press Release Campaigns
  • EPKs
  • E-Mail Fliers
  • Newsletter Design
  • Mailing List Management and Support
  • Posters
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design 
  • Online Promotion 
  • Booking Support and Services
  • Audio Support

Booking isn't just about playing shows-- it's about creating a sense of community around your music.The community you develop turns into fans, life-long friends and more opportunities for performing and selling music. Creating community is of the utmost importance.

OnAxis Music provides booking services including:
House Concerts
Art/Gallery Events
Regional Tours
Clubs, Cafes, Bars
Private & Corporate Events
Radio and Internet Radio appearances

Experience and Partnerships
As part of our partnership with Chicago Acoustic Underground and CAUDog Records, OnAxis has helped book shows at Chicago, IL region venues including: Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, Subterranean, Reggie's Rock Club, Abbey Pub, Viaduct Theatre, Underground Wonder Bar, Heartland Cafe, Act One Pub "Singing for Your Supper" showcases, Beat Kitchen, Double Door, COFFEECon Consumer Coffee Conference 2012 and 2013, Bucktown Garden Walk, COYOTE Festival and many other Chicago venues.

Booking Support 
  • Local and regional tour management
  • Administrative booking management (record-keeping, communications)
  • Promotional support

Campaigns are not just for politicians, they're for anyone with a campaign and an agenda. Unless we make our own campaigns, we are destined to be the poor souls being pulled this way and that by soap commercials.

Therefore, organize! Answer the following with a ball point pen:
1. What is your objective? Be specific
2. What is the road to get there really going to look like? Be brutal.

With this information, OnAxis Music assists with Marketing Campaigns such as:

- increasing mailing list subscribers
- increasing event listings in local press
- increasing hits to website
- increasing # hits/followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (though note the numbers in themselves don't directly translate to fans or sales, but in the right context this is useful)

- creating/designing one sheets
- sending album information to local press, radio, etc.
- developing album marketing campaign
- soliciting album reviews

- developing marketing campaign specific to singles

- plans of attack for booking strategies

and so much more. We can lobby for you.


Press Releases
OnAxis Music writes press releases for events, albums and artists, customized to your needs. We promote your event, band or album to the right places. We have years of experience and will send releases to local press contacts ranging from print and online publications to carefully-selected blogs, both local and international.

Featured Press Release: 
Goodbyehome Album "The Troubles"



This all sounds great. Is it affordable?

Promotion seems overwhelming, but in the right hands it is manageable. Trust us, as independent freelancers in the current economy, affordable to you means the same thing it does for us. We understand that some musicians are eating sandwiches out of garbage cans, so we definitely allow you to keep your well-earned sandwich cash. We actually, in turn, sometimes accept payment by sandwiches.

What About Graphic Design?
We provide graphic design for poster, fliers and layout of EPK and other materials. We provide custom artwork as well.

Our Shared Goal:
To bring your music and/or company to a wider audience.

Why it's easier than doing it yourself:
We offer an objective ear and create something that sets you in the right direction. We are easy to work with, flexible and do promotion to let you focus on your music- which is after all, the point!

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