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Making a Mailing List and Being as Tough as Nails About It

I previously stated that Facebook was the best way to get people to local shows. Excuse me while I hit myself in the head with a 2x4.

Now I apparently had fallen victim to the shiny what I call "Apple" world. Technology is the answer to are getting very very sleepy...log onto Facebook...yes, yes...drink the Koolaid....yes you are getting carpal tunnel have forgotten what sunlight is....yes, yes, yes! You have 10,000 followers on (enter dramatic theme music here) .....FACEEEBOOOKKKK. Hey, we won't talk about their IPO. Neither will they most likely. Anyways.

Facebook is cool. Being friends with people in real life is even cooler.

Text people individually. Email people individiually.

Don't just send a newsletter-- be personal.

This is the JEDI MIND TRICK behind developing a giant and useful email list. It just involves doing it. it sounds so simple. Yet it's kind of like abstract art. You see a painting with a bunch of paint splat…