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New Press Release for Liz Chidester's New Album, People Pumping Pedals, on CAUDog Records (Pop/Folk)


Liz Chidester’s New Album (Pop/Folk)

People Pumping Pedals Announced by CAUDog Records March 18, 2014 – Chicago, IL – Liz Chidester, a Chicago-based vocalist and guitarist, has written and performed all the songs on her debut original Folk/Pop album People Pumping Pedals, released by CAUDog Records. Chidester performed at Mayne Stage, one of Chicago’s premier listening rooms, just last month to promote the album, and is performing local and regional shows throughout 2014, gaining acclaim:

"Songwriter Liz Chidester has become a local favorite at our venue. Her new record, People Pumping Pedals [draws] inspiration from Stevie Nicks. It is almost perfect that this record came out in the dead of winter. It is a good one throw on when staying in and watching a snow storm outside your window."- Ryan Sweeney, Talent Buyer, Chicago, IL

Chidester, originally from the mountains of Virginia, has hiked to the top of the songwriter scene in Chicago, bolstered by experien…

How to Make a Billion $: Money in Urban vs. Indie Rock Lyrics

In Pitbull's song Back in Time, there's this lyric: "Trying to make a billion out of 15 cents". It's a similar attitude to 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' album title. There's struggle in those words. It's a bit of machismo in there, but it speaks to reality rather than idealism. At least urban musicians know the odds they're up against.

Let's compare that to a random selection of indie rock/alternative rock/folk lyrics. These lyrics also use the word "money": 
"Our love is all we have...Our love is all of God's money" - Wilco
"Mobiles chirping...Take the money and run" - Radiohead 
"Youth is beauty, money is beauty, hell, beauty is beauty sometimes." - Ani DiFranco

When searching for indie-rock or alternative lyrics that use the word "money", we are hard pressed to find an indie rock song about making money. Instead, money is a philosophical concept to play with, or a part of a story in th…