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Yellow Music is On the Rise: Stop the Trend Now Before it's Too Late

On the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic (which was yesterday) it seems fitting to write about one of the biggest potential disasters of the new music century.

Let me tell you about my morning.

I awake to check my email and whatsoever should appear but eight tiny reindeer..oh wait, no that was something different. I did have more than 8 emails though. At least one of them was the mailing list update from "that band"-- the one I saw once, and I was like, OK, I'll sign up on the list-- or maybe it was even one of those bands that I emailed about booking and just PUT me on the list-- but I think I signed up. So it's OK that I got the email.

It's NOT OK what the email said. The email was all about how their music was going to enhance my life in some way. After listing 4 things I could get or buy from them, their whole reason for contacting me (what, no dinner and a movie first?), the email, closed with the following testament to absurdity: "Treat yourself to some…