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Featured EPK Bio/Review: Chicago-Based Centaurus



If metal is your religion, Centaurus is your instrumental church. Built on the foundation of guitar riffs, the pillars stretch to the sky and overtake all that lies ahead with inhumanly fast drum beats and an eclectic mix of music influences that almost sound like world music one minute, with  traces of melodic metal as fun to listen to as pop, as well as tracks from tried and true heavy, progressive music. You could almost say it sounds like metal music- except on steroids with a cork bat.

It is everything imagination deems allowable- it's dark, heavy, melodic and live shows with the band are like sitting down to a giant table of your favorite foods- there is literally a feast of sounds and musicianship. Unparalleled in effort, the band developed their songs and sound when they were unfortunate (or fortunate) in not finding a singer.

Undaunted, they continued writing and stumbled upon a method of working that allowed all four members (two of which are brothers) who all take pride in the band as one musical family, to build a detailed tapestry of sound that is a mix of influences including Type O Negative, Devil Doll, Squarepusher, Bjork, Faith No More, Radiohead, Tchaikovsky, Muse, Alice in Chains and Dream Theater, among others.

“Centaurus creates sounds you've never heard before...a criminally tight band.”
  -The Chicago Music Player

PhotobucketThe band uses loops of sound to build layers and has played Chicago venues including Reggie's Rock Club, Futon Fest in Illinois and has performed alongside such acts as the internationally popular death metal band, Katatonia.

“When some musicians got frustrated with how much rock music was following certain rules, they channeled that frustration into different avenues of music leading to all different kinds of metal. I feel as though that it's an ongoing process and it will continue.  They'll just give it another name,” says Greg (bass).

Maselbas (guitar) adds, “We are trying to do something different from what the Chicago metal scene is used to, so that throws a lot of ideas out right there. We are picky about what we like, but consistently come up with new material." Centaurus is currently seeking tour opportunities to travel in support of their first full-length album, “Pulse.”

The unmistakable Centaurus sound is brought to you by Michael Maselbas (Guitars), Phil Hardman (Drums), Ryan Bruchert (Guitar/Leads), Greg Bruchert (Bass).


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