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OnAxis Music Internship Available

Internship (school accreditation possible) offered to a person interested in:
Music Marketing as it relates to...
- Photoshop
- Web Research
- Emailing
- Press Contacts
- Press Releases
- Blogs
- Social Media Marketing on Twitter and Facebook
- Music Profile sites: Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Youtube
- Booking
- Advancing Shows
- Developing the web presence of a band or organization
- Developing credibility
- Developing fans
- Developing revenue

Skills/Tools Needed:
Computer with Internet Access
Laptop if possible
Willingness to meet in person to review learning and tasks
Willingness to serve as Typist/Administrative Assistant

***This is not an on-site position. Work is at-home or at meet-up public location, such as coffeeshop, meeting rooms, etc.***

A work day may consist of:
Meeting for 2-4 hours, reviewing tasks and how to use Internet/Computer to complete tasks

This is a chance to learn a lot about music marketing. You are the direct assistant to Publicist/Blogger in the Chicago music scene with…