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7 Must-Haves for Music Marketing

Believe it or not, whether you are beginner or pro, some acts do not have all 7 of these. Let's think of 7 for a lucky rabbit's foot kind of approach to Music Marketing. So let's "hop" in:

1. Contact info including your email and/or phone number on your website, Facebook and/or ReverbNation site. This is not rocket science, yet some acts do not list their real email addresses on their Facebook, Reverbnation or websites. How is someone that wants to book your band, or reach you for a list-minute question going to find you? If you do not want to list your phone number, that's OK. How will someone reach you when they want to do business with you? Please put your REAL email address within your Facebook, Reverbnation or website description of your band.

 2. Offer High Resolution pictures online. High resolution pictures are good for printing. Low-resolution images are good for the web. If your act is booked, or featured, and the Publicist/Promoter needs a high-res…