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Making a Mailing List and Being as Tough as Nails About It

I previously stated that Facebook was the best way to get people to local shows. Excuse me while I hit myself in the head with a 2x4.

Now I apparently had fallen victim to the shiny what I call "Apple" world. Technology is the answer to are getting very very sleepy...log onto Facebook...yes, yes...drink the Koolaid....yes you are getting carpal tunnel have forgotten what sunlight is....yes, yes, yes! You have 10,000 followers on (enter dramatic theme music here) .....FACEEEBOOOKKKK. Hey, we won't talk about their IPO. Neither will they most likely. Anyways.

Facebook is cool. Being friends with people in real life is even cooler.

Text people individually. Email people individiually.

Don't just send a newsletter-- be personal.

This is the JEDI MIND TRICK behind developing a giant and useful email list. It just involves doing it. it sounds so simple. Yet it's kind of like abstract art. You see a painting with a bunch of paint splat…

7 Must-Haves for Music Marketing

Believe it or not, whether you are beginner or pro, some acts do not have all 7 of these. Let's think of 7 for a lucky rabbit's foot kind of approach to Music Marketing. So let's "hop" in:

1. Contact info including your email and/or phone number on your website, Facebook and/or ReverbNation site. This is not rocket science, yet some acts do not list their real email addresses on their Facebook, Reverbnation or websites. How is someone that wants to book your band, or reach you for a list-minute question going to find you? If you do not want to list your phone number, that's OK. How will someone reach you when they want to do business with you? Please put your REAL email address within your Facebook, Reverbnation or website description of your band.

 2. Offer High Resolution pictures online. High resolution pictures are good for printing. Low-resolution images are good for the web. If your act is booked, or featured, and the Publicist/Promoter needs a high-res…

Yellow Music is On the Rise: Stop the Trend Now Before it's Too Late

On the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic (which was yesterday) it seems fitting to write about one of the biggest potential disasters of the new music century.

Let me tell you about my morning.

I awake to check my email and whatsoever should appear but eight tiny reindeer..oh wait, no that was something different. I did have more than 8 emails though. At least one of them was the mailing list update from "that band"-- the one I saw once, and I was like, OK, I'll sign up on the list-- or maybe it was even one of those bands that I emailed about booking and just PUT me on the list-- but I think I signed up. So it's OK that I got the email.

It's NOT OK what the email said. The email was all about how their music was going to enhance my life in some way. After listing 4 things I could get or buy from them, their whole reason for contacting me (what, no dinner and a movie first?), the email, closed with the following testament to absurdity: "Treat yourself to some…

The Future Laureates: Bio

With a successful presence at SXSW 2012, plus airplay on 140 college and community radio stations, The Future Laureates are celebrating with unabashed energy and triumph. Offering positive punk-rock energy with folk/pop musicianship, their sonic champagne is frothing and bubbling with the release of their third album, “Fortress Sessions”. It is seriously full of fun.

They’ve established connections with fans over shared interests. The bleakness of current events or dynamics of interpersonal relationships faced by college-age crowds (most of them singing along) can’t be downtrodden as the pure sunshine of radio-ready pop comes through in every millisecond. Soaring harmonies glide through serious matters of the head and heart, along with major jamming by guitar, bass, drums - and ukulele.

2011’s “Rethink the Recession” led to reviews of “Kingston Blues,” the EP’s single, as “a fresh and fun melody led by a lively rhythm, brisk percussion, and warm, spirited vocals.” ( …

OnAxis Does Social Media Campaigns for Facebook & Twitter-- so you don't have to!

First things first. You might be familiar with Helen Keller. Well, I am not a miracle worker. I am not a "Publicist" of the days of yore with a big black metal desk and lots of "press contacts" I obtained through smoking cigars or doing coke on the bathroom floors with rock stars before it all ended badly. Strangely enough, especially for me, the mere mention of the "P-word" brings all kinds of requests from the trenches of musicians' egos. Apparently, I will single-handedly be able to bring Jesus into their living room with my "press contacts".

In fact, I have no press contacts to give you. Pick your heart up off the floor-- and really check out what I am about to tell you. Social media is the new black. It's so black, that people in New York are wearing it now, and people in Indiana will be wearing it in 2045. Besides giving me a chance to feel bad about making fun of Indiana perhaps too gratuitously, the metaphor ends there as it'…

New Posters & Images

Matthew Morgan & The Lost Brigade

Matthew Morgan and the Lost Brigade is a hard-working band that has made its mark on the Chicago music scene, and is now pushing into the Midwest. With the diversity of banjo and mandolin alongside a female rocker that has shared the stage with Joan Jett, this band blends hopeful and upbeat rock with the deep reality of folk roots. Neil Young, Paul Simon and R.E.M. are among influences for the five-piece outfit that is poised to take on new musical territory with its follow-up to 2011’s Red Silhouettes.

With songwriting led by Matthew Morgan, the group rotates as backing musicians and a full-fledged collaboration. Morgan is a visual artist and musician, as is bassist Kavin Lahvic. This connection to Chicago’s Wicker Park art scene is another factor that sets the group apart, as MMLB carved a niche with well-attended shows at local art galleries including Chicago’s renowned Flat Iron Gallery.

MMLB is as “intense as whiskey with all the flavors of fine wine. Bombastic, upbeat pop/folk g…

OnAxis Music is Alive

Here's our latest bio for Matthew Morgan & The Lost Brigade...

Matthew Morgan and the Lost Brigade are folk music with flair. Bombastic, upbeat pop/folk grabs audiences by the hand. It’s a sweet slow dance when they dip into country roots. When the 5-piece connects with rock, MMLB is an intelligent, barreling good time: a bottle of whiskey with all the flavors of fine wine.

Distorted electric guitar, accordion, driving drum beats, banjo, acoustic guitar, bells—you are surprised by music as creative as it is easy to like. Relating to life issues and overcoming adversity, this band of champions gives power, strength, good vibes and fills the rock spectrum taking cues from R.E.M., Paul Simon and Neil Young.