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Chicago Music Clinics

Chicago Music Clinics lists: clinics, workshops, events in the Chicago area for musicians and audio engineers.

How to Survive Promotions, Online This and That, and Wearing 5 Hats

1. Know what you want. 
If you know what you truly want, you are simply working with the universe at that point. Ask for what you want. Be specific. Ask yourself, and really know what it is you want.

2. Write about it and think about it like it has already happened.
Take out a pen and paper and write an entry to yourself with your ideal state in mind. Then write how good you feel about it. Instead of writing "I want to make a $1,000.00 on my next gig" or "I want to make a successful record" or "I want to write the best lyric I've heard all year" or "I want to understand EQing on overhead mics" or "I want to be able to sightread any music"...write it out like this:
I just made $1000.00 on my last gig. I feel great about it.
I just completed a successful record, I feel great about it.
I just wrote the best lyric I've heard all year. I am excited about it.
I now understand EQing of overhead mics.
I can sightread any piece of music.

Write i…