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Better Than TV: Dive Into the Debut Album of Doug Rosenberg

Like kids glued to Saturday morning cartoons, Chicago saxophonist Doug Rosenberg’s debut album Better Than TV will have jazz fans at rapt attention. Any listener will be swept up in the fireworks display of top-notch musicians in action. Fittingly, the album is constantly changing, exciting, playful and unrelenting. It’s an animation full of colorful sounds that are too fleeting to fully grasp, but together, tell a story greater than the sum of their parts.
Rosenberg, the Logan Square-based composer loves his neighborhood and is passionate about music: “I live and breathe it, teach it, listen, and grow from it.” He has found like-minded players to pursue that passion with, and is coming into his own as a composer with his debut album.
 “I’ve been writing music all my life, and finally got the courage and wherewithal to actually produce it,” says Doug. Receiving a boost from the CAAP (Community Arts Assistance Program) grant “was a big part of my getting my mojo to make this project happ…

Music Career with No Money Down- Start Today, Even with No Budget

Is budget holding you back from achieving your musical dreams? Here's some advice from OnAxis Music, the local publicity company serving indie musicians, so you can push forward with solutions:

Partner, partner, partner. Work with others in mutually beneficial ways. For example, take the challenge of printing fliers on no budget. For performing musicians, advertising your upcoming shows with fliers is affordable if you partner with a business or venue that advertises with you.
---- making fliers with a printing company who can advertise their services on the back of the flier
---- splitting the cost of the fliers with the venue. Include their logo on the flier, along with all the shows that month. That way, both the band and the venue benefit from the advertising.
---- Ask local businesses if they'd like to include a coupon on the flier. Ask if the business will hand out fliers to its customers. Plus, there's an added bonus for people that pick up the fl…