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Where is Your Act on "the Spectrum"?

Sometimes, dealing with people in the music industry is like engaging with people with autism. There is unexpected behavior, high intelligence, and a painstaking differential between the souls [of musicians and promoters] and the souls of those who share their crativity and skills with the world in other, more sane ways.

There is a term in the autism field called "the spectrum". It is an indication that someone may not be entirely identified as autistic, but on "the spectrum." I love this term because, really, we are all on some kind of spectrum.

Spectrum also can be used when referring to color -- the spectrum of the color wheel. It seems infinite, with all its subtle shades and variations. Kind of welcoming, really...this abyss where things don't have to be black and white, but in or along a spectrum.

This wonderful place is where we are headed as we look at the SPECTRUM of gigs that exist for most musicians.
"A spectrum (plural spectra or spectrums) i…

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