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Sticking to the Fundamentals

I came across a book by Michael Jordan recently. After reading it, I noted that music is similar to sports in that we're competing with ourselves, just as much as we are with "the game". Here are thoughts on being a good "player", whether it's a sports player or a musical instrument player:
A good player or a good team can lose a call to an umpire or referee, but never the whole game.  A good player may be paused by a bad or iffy call, but the key to good playing is to maintain: stay scrappy, keep moving, look for open passes, look for assists, look for collaborations, keep doing what you do best.  Keep doing what you've practiced. Keep doing what you've learned. If you keep doing these things, you are a good "player". You might get pushed back by a bad call here or there, but you'll achieve more by sticking to the fundamentals. Suggested Reading:

Six Giant Steps to Help You Get the Right Start

If you’re green.....or an indie musician just starting out, here's some tips gleaned from recent music marketing experience in the Chicago independent songwriter market. This info is for bands/solo acts looking to be booked at clubs where the required draw is 0-50 people, and the artist/band is developing their online presence. This advice is not for bands that are on record labels, utilize limos or tour internationally, it's for you. However, these tips can help any musician looking to make a start in the online promotional world (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). They may also offer some amusement.For the sake of this article, bear in mind that being a musician COSTS you in two or more ways:1. MONEY (actual costs for gear, insurance, recording, repairs, etc.)2. TIME which you spend learning your craft3. PEACE OF MIND-- the effort and energy you expend mentally 4. The unexpected (hint-- prepare for it!)
It's also important to remember that these three things are also the REWARD an…

Making the Time

I enjoyed reading Cari Cole's "The Top 10 Bullshit Excuses" about the music industry and music careers.

It occurred to me that I haven't posted on my own blog in over 8 months. I could have had a premie by now.  What are our priorities? I often hear people say "I'm too busy". How busy are we though? Too busy to spend 10 minutes practicing? Too busy to take 5 minutes to call an old friend?

By realizing we are kidding ourselves when we say we are "too busy", we might tap into the truth...that our priorities we act on don't match up with the priorities we think about. Or, conversely that whatever it is we are trying to promise to someone, or make excuses for, simply isn't important to us. Perhaps "too busy" would be better to say "too wrapped up in my ego" or "I have my head up my you-know-what".

We need to suspend disbelief to be artists, we need…