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The Future Laureates: Bio

With a successful presence at SXSW 2012, plus airplay on 140 college and community radio stations, The Future Laureates are celebrating with unabashed energy and triumph. Offering positive punk-rock energy with folk/pop musicianship, their sonic champagne is frothing and bubbling with the release of their third album, “Fortress Sessions”. It is seriously full of fun.

They’ve established connections with fans over shared interests. The bleakness of current events or dynamics of interpersonal relationships faced by college-age crowds (most of them singing along) can’t be downtrodden as the pure sunshine of radio-ready pop comes through in every millisecond. Soaring harmonies glide through serious matters of the head and heart, along with major jamming by guitar, bass, drums - and ukulele.

2011’s “Rethink the Recession” led to reviews of “Kingston Blues,” the EP’s single, as “a fresh and fun melody led by a lively rhythm, brisk percussion, and warm, spirited vocals.” ( …

OnAxis Does Social Media Campaigns for Facebook & Twitter-- so you don't have to!

First things first. You might be familiar with Helen Keller. Well, I am not a miracle worker. I am not a "Publicist" of the days of yore with a big black metal desk and lots of "press contacts" I obtained through smoking cigars or doing coke on the bathroom floors with rock stars before it all ended badly. Strangely enough, especially for me, the mere mention of the "P-word" brings all kinds of requests from the trenches of musicians' egos. Apparently, I will single-handedly be able to bring Jesus into their living room with my "press contacts".

In fact, I have no press contacts to give you. Pick your heart up off the floor-- and really check out what I am about to tell you. Social media is the new black. It's so black, that people in New York are wearing it now, and people in Indiana will be wearing it in 2045. Besides giving me a chance to feel bad about making fun of Indiana perhaps too gratuitously, the metaphor ends there as it'…

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