Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On Axis Music Travels to Mississippi

I've often looked at myself as Chicagoan. When I graduated art school (I know, I know, barf on the implications of intelligentsia), I thought I was being super professional by making an email with the word "Chicago" in it. This was when emails were cryptic and the Internet was still on the ripples from the stone of AOL.

It took a little planning, and careful meandering of my goldfish watching responsibilities but I was able to break away from the ties that bind and go, camera in hand, like Hunter S. Thompson, to the Second Annual Mississippi Saxophone Festival.

I look forward to sharing the article and the photos and the most important lesson, however, was getting out of Dodge.

It is an important thing to do literally-- we are meant to travel as musicians and spread the love, and our brand, and CD sales (if anyone is buying) on "tour". Tour these days usually means grungy people (hey, I am running sound and I took a shower) playing on a stage to about 5 people. These touring musicians usually have a great, complex merch display which is really thought out, and a wimpy, empty feeling set. Clearly, priorities are in the wrong place. But I digress.

While I suppose I covet these traveling musicians, I was glad to be finally able to travel myself, even as a Journalist.

Sometimes traveling literally is a bunch of wasted time (i.e. the young indie bands on tour that are playing to empty rooms and begging the audience for gas money in thinly veiled jokes, you know who you are). So let's travel figuratively.

Let's get out of "Dodge" whatever that is. Our routines, our common steps, our every day activities that go nowhere and break new ground, even if it is with one footstep, one train ride, one step into the unknown.

- On Axis Music

Tuesday, January 31, 2017