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Content Creators Get the Short Straw in the Internet Draw

A recent Forbes article, brought my way by ASCAP newsletter, talks about impending changes to the Internet. Read it here.

 After reading it, I have more questions than answers:
 - Is the Obama policy for Internet better or worse than what is being proposed now, and why?
 - How would new policies affect content creators?
 - How would new policies continue or impede the monopoly of major Internet companies?

It is clear that over the past ten years, the content that creative people make is offered for free online in many forms; whether audio, video, photos and writing.

While the Internet offers a place to showcase work, and to view portfolios, it also cuts out the "retail" element that the music industry relied on, in the past, to generate revenue.

The content creators are made to feel like we are lucky to be able to show our work online; meanwhile, Internet and smartphone companies keep the lights on.

 While the Internet is often toted as a "great tool" it is also th…