Monday, January 4, 2016

Concise Writing is Hard for Bloggers....what, Squirrel!?!

Do you write blogs or thinking of starting one? An effective blog is as immediate as the crack of a baseball bat. Yet, for any topic, concise writing is hard. Plus, the blog format make spilling fresh thoughts far too easy. What does this lead to?

The stream of consciousness fallacy is thick in my blog and blogs I've read. It's an easy mistake to make. Bloggers are often thinkers and artists: their creative momentum comes out in a rush of ideas. This can be entertaining, but often the point is lost. Professional communication, even if it's in a conversational tone which blogs are known for, requires a concise style to be effective. Therefore:

10 Things to Remember When Writing a Blog:
1) No one cares about you; you are not a snowflake. They only care what the information can do for them.
2) People troll the internet researching for ideas to help them with a specific goal; yet sometimes they do not know what that goal is. Remind them.
3) Use less words more often.
4) Blogs need one theme.
5) If you are journaling or writing a diary, do that by hand in a notebook. If you insist on displaying your life experience for all to see it results in; at worst, navel gazing, and at best, giving away free content when you should really be making a book (if your life story is compelling).
6) Become a character.
7) If it's a vanity blog, you will know because the content serves to reinforce you or your brand/company.
8) Readers often explore multiple posts; do all the posts work together with a common theme? The whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.
9) You're not getting paid by the word.
10) You must forge a deep connection with like-minded people to have them return.

Make a conclusion that rattles like loose firecracker in their mind for the coming week:

Blogs connect people and brands..make the most of it by using the least amount of words.

Thank you,
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